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Dec 2014 - Our new Brooks saddles are in

When I was fifteen, a cute red-haired boy named Wilson Palmer rode down my street. He kept riding back and forth in front of my house. Mom noticed and hollered, “Hey look at this – there’s boy in the street riding a unicycle and eating an ice-cream cone!” That’s how I first got to know my husband Wills. I still smile when I think of him showing off for me that day. :-)

Wills is a rabid cyclist, in fact he has never met a pair of wheels that he doesn’t like, (or even one wheel like the unicycle), so it’s not surprising he ended up starting his own business, Wilson Cycling. We’ve had the store now for over 10 years and it’s our life. We love it.

Wills thought it might be a good idea to do blog posts about our latest merchandise for our customers. I’m going to start off with Brooks Saddles—we sell a lot of them due to their beauty, comfort and quality. Of course we sell bikes, accessories and other brands of bike saddles, but we honestly favor Brooks Bicycle Saddles as they always get rave reviews from our customers.

Brooks is well known by cycling or biking enthusiasts for making some of the best bike saddles available. Just the name Brooks and you know you’re talking about premium, high end, English leather saddles.

Well we just got in a shipment of some outstand leather bike saddles. Here’s just some of what we’ve got in stock now:
brooks saddles b67 for women

Brooks Saddles B67 S for women

Brooks Saddles B67 Bicycle Saddle Brooks comes in Antique Brown-Chrome, Black-Chrome and Honey-Chrome. The Honey-Chrome style is real popular this year and they all come with springs. Depending upon your knowledge of bike saddles, this Brooks model is the modern take of the B66 model that Brooks made back in 1927! If you can get your hands on a catalogue you’ll see it – or better yet, come here as we’ve got an original 1927 Brooks bike catalogue in our store.

The springs look hot, we all know that, but they actually provide amazing comfort, even when you’re cycling on rough terrain. It also comes with single rails. You can use them to attach to “micro-adjust” seat pillars and get the exact fit you want. Of course it has steel rivets with a wider rear portion of the saddle and it’s a favorite bike saddle for relaxed cycling with family or friends.  The price is right on this gorgeous leather cycling saddle too!

Brooks Saddles Imperial Standard Bicycle

Brooks B17 Standard S ATB/Trekking Bicycle Saddle

Brooks B17 Standard ATB/Trekking Bicycle Saddle is a favorite choice for commuters, long distance trekking and is just a great general all-purpose riding saddle. It’s classic styling and brass rivets and tension adjuster make this saddle one of the most comfortable on the market today. Most cycling enthusiasts say that once the saddle is broken in, a comfortable ride is guaranteed no matter where you’re riding. It’s a tough saddle too. You don’t have to molly-coddle it to keep it looking and feeling great for a mile or 500 miles!
A warning: some of our customers are impatient and they want to break in their saddle with the help of substances I won’t write about because I don’t want to encourage anyone to ruin a gorgeous Brooks leather bike saddle for a speedy break-in. If you try to speed up the break-in, you can end up ruining the leather and you’ll end up having to buy another leather cycle saddle.
Our customers really love this classic saddle and our long-distance riders, who keep their handlebars level with the top of the seat, proclaim how comfortable it is. However, a drop-position on their bike can make the saddle not as comfy, so consider not only how long you ride or where you ride, also figure out your drop position before you buy it.

One more thing, one of our customers has a touring bike, tandem, carbon road bike and an off-road bike—he switched his touring bike to this saddle and “no buts about it,” (LOL) he never felt anymore pain in his posterior. When he switched to this model Brooks saddle for his carbon road bike, he says he had his first comfortable ride since he’d bought it! He warns that it’s a bit heavier than the original leather saddle but ten times easier on the behind!

Brooks Saddles Flyer S Bicycle Saddle

Brooks Saddles Flyer S Bicycle Saddle for women

We got in more of these: Brooks Saddles Flyer S Bicycle Saddle (Women's). This is what I have on my bicycle. I’m the first one to tell my customers, riding is not my passion, it’s Wills’. But I don’t mind taking a 5-mile ride somewhere to get out and get some exercise and fresh air. What I can’t stand is a sore bottom and I’ve had issues with some saddles, they don’t have enough padding for my padding if you know what I mean.

I have the Honey-Black, and it matches the detail color on my bike. Pretty! This style is also a descendent of the B66 Champion made in the ‘20s.

Ladies, it has a nice WIDE seat! It also sports a classically sprung saddle, added suspension due to two rear springs and you can get it in tubular steel or hand-hammered copper rivets, which is what I got. Brooks bike saddles have it all. They’re sharp looking, add in real comfort from their seat to yours -- and extra suspension. They keep you sitting pretty even if you encounter that occasional bump in the road. :-)

Brooks B-17 Narrow Saddle: we literally cannot keep this in stock. Every road racer in a 30 mile circumference comes to our store to buy one of these superior leather saddles. Our bike racers say that since the saddle is not as wide as standard Brooks leather saddles, they feel more “thigh” freedom, and yet there’s no sacrifice in comfort. This style Brooks saddle dates back to 1910! This shows you it’s not always necessary to reinvent the wheel or the saddle!

Can you guess which Brooks saddle people think is the best looking? Well of course it’s the B-17—the narrowing shape, beautiful leather and sharp details really make this saddle one to ooh and aah over. This saddle was also rated number one in “molding to one’s butt,” and there’s no cheap padding to break down over time either.

brooks saddles swift bicycle saddle

Brooks Saddles Swift Bicycle Saddle For Men

Brooks Saddles Swift Bicycle Saddle for men

These saddles are not cheap, but you certainly get what you pay for. Our younger customers love this saddle but so do some of our older patrons who are getting into retro-inspired bikes and bike accessories. Our customers say this saddle has street smarts and hipster “cred”. These leather saddles are simply out of the world gorgeous, and you don’t have to be a cyclist to enjoy the looks and beauty of antique-looking warm brown leather, titanium rails, skived sides and beautiful hand-hammered copper rivets. This saddle is a bit stiffer than other Brooks saddles, yet still amazingly comfortable. They also feature cut-away flaps and work great for road or mountain bikes. Classy to look at and a good butt fit!

We also carry Brooks Heritage Saddles Proofide Leather Dressing. Made from tallow, vegetable oil, cod oil, paraffin wax, beeswax and citronella oil, this product gets our stamp of approval. Purists say, let the leather cure and break-in on its own, but even if you believe that, just keeping the leather soft and supple will benefit your behind in the end. No pun intended!

So stop by and see our vast selection of beautiful Brooks leather saddles and accessories, our numerous bicycles from inexpensive to top of the line racers and remember, I always have a pot of coffee going in the backroom!

Slick Deals on Brooks Saddles

Brooks B17 Standard Classic Leather Bicycle Saddle Black Rails Black or Brown
Brooks B17 Standard Classic Leather Bicycle Saddle Black Rails Black or Brown
End Date: Sunday Mar-25-2018 21:08:03 PDT
Brooks B17 saddle honey New In Box
Brooks B17 saddle honey New In Box
End Date: Friday Apr-20-2018 11:29:34 PDT
Brooks B17 Standard Classic Leather Hand Made Bike Saddle Black Brown Honey
Brooks B17 Standard Classic Leather Hand Made Bike Saddle Black Brown Honey
End Date: Saturday Mar-24-2018 23:23:04 PDT
Brooks B17 England Narrow Classic Leather Saddle Black
Brooks B17 England Narrow Classic Leather Saddle Black
End Date: Saturday Apr-14-2018 23:10:03 PDT
Brooks Cambium C15 Saddle Natural Cotton  Rubber Seat Touring Road Urban Bike
Brooks Cambium C15 Saddle Natural Cotton Rubber Seat Touring Road Urban Bike
End Date: Friday Mar-23-2018 15:13:51 PDT
Brooks B17 Saddle Great Condition Brown with Copper Rivets and Rail
Brooks B17 Saddle Great Condition Brown with Copper Rivets and Rail
$35.00 (1 Bid)
End Date: Wednesday Mar-28-2018 17:41:28 PDT
Brooks Standard B17 Black Leather Saddle
Brooks Standard B17 Black Leather Saddle
End Date: Friday Apr-20-2018 19:29:38 PDT
Brooks C15 Cambium Saddle Carved Black
Brooks C15 Cambium Saddle Carved Black
End Date: Thursday Apr-5-2018 17:02:06 PDT